DV Resources.

Here are some resources that may be of use to those of you interested in non-linear digital video editing and production.  I've created some manuals for getting started with your camera and getting the footage on to your computer, editing technique with Adobe Premiere 6.5, and how to get your piece online or on a VCD.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these manuals; the reader can be downloaded here.  Click on the underlined filename to open the document or link.


Easy Notes.  These mostly use pictures and simple text boxes.
1,   Capturing Footage Via USB Using Windows Movie Maker.
2.  Easy Video Editing With Adobe Premiere.
3.  How To Make A VCD.


Detailed Notes.  These offer a more involved explanation of technique.
1.   Cameras:  Sony or Canon.
2.  Capturing.
3.  Editing.
4.  Advanced Editing.


Links of Interest. 
ENRAP's Yahoo! discussion group for those trained by Rana.  Post your questions here.
The Creative Cow Website - Useful for posting queries for solving software/hardware questions.
All about MiniDV cassettes.
A comprehensive FAQ on DV in general.
Video Volunteers - An organization devoted to video activism.
www.apple.com - Get a Powerbook and edit with Final Cut Pro.  It will change everything.
The Sony PDX10 -  Get one while you can.  Small enough to take anywhere, but powerful enough for any job.
The Sony TRV900 and VX1000 - You can get these 2nd hand on eBay for USD1000 or less.  Excellent cameras to learn on, built to last, and capable of broadcast quality work.
The Sony HC90.  If you can't find a used Sony VX1000 or TRV900 this is a very good starter camera for those on a budget.
Open Source Video Editing Software - Want free editing software?.  Check out dyne:bolic.
A polarizer is an easy way to cut out light reflecting off people's skin or the water,
A scratched Skylight or UV filter is easy to replace; a scratched camera lens isn't.  Get one, use one.
AVI2VCD - Free software to convert your raw .AVI file into a VCD compliant .MPG file.
Lalim VCD Player - A free bit of software to make self-booting VCDs that will play on any Windows PC.
AutoRunPro - A script that allows you to make self-booting HTML CDs.
Memo Session Sound Recorder - Windows Sound Recorder only allows 60 seconds or recording time; this is a free piece of software that allows you limitless recording in .MP3, .OGG, or .WAV format, which can then be easily imported into Premiere.
Pageot - Free software that allows you to quickly make HTML pages that will progressively stream  QuickTime movies.


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