From Waste To Water

Greywater Reuse In The Middle East

Greywater is household wastewater from kitchen sinks and bathroom tubs - anything except for raw sewage.  In many countries in the Middle East and North African region, untreated greywater is used for irrigation purposes due to the water scarcity of the region.  Along with risks to human health, the emptying of greywater holding tanks is a cost burden on households, as public infrastructure is not always available to do so, especially in rural areas. The treatment of this water can provide an alternative to other costly and unsafe sources of irrigation.  But how can this water be treated in a cost effective and simple way for households to own and utilize?

This film documents one solution, initially developed and used in the West Bank, and now adapted for use in Jordan and Lebanon. Click here to see photographs from the region.


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From Waste To Water: Greywater Reuse In The Middle East. 19m44s. English/Arabic with English Subtitles.


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Video produced with the support of UPE and WaDImena.   WaDImena is coordinated by IDRC, with support from CIDA and IFAD. WaDImena promotes water-use efficiency, equity and sustainability in the countries of the MENA region.  Contact Mark Redwood or Lorra Thompson.


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